Bookkeeping Essentials

Matrix Accounting Service Providing Easy Bookkeeping

We’ll get you out from under the bookkeeping burden and give you back the time you need to build your business.

While we do so much more than just the essentials, the core of our services is solid, reliable bookkeeping and accounting services that keep your business on track. We’ll take care of the nuts and bolts – paying bills, sending out invoices, recording payroll, pulling basic reports and complying with rules and regulations for taxes and to stay in the government’s good graces.

You’ll get the comfort of knowing your books are being handled by a U.S. based, dedicated team of a bookkeeper, staff accountant and an accounting manager. You can stop worrying about bookkeeper turnover, sickness, training, PTO, maternity leave or paying for your accounting staff’s health insurance and payroll taxes. You’ll reduce your risk of fraud with separation of duties and multiple sets of eyes overseeing your books. 


Matrix Accounting Service’s competitive advantage over doing it yourself: 

Eliminate the Burden

✓ Hiring, Training, Retraining, Supervising, PTO, Sick Leave, Office Space

✓ Total Financial Systems Design & QuickBooks® Integrations & Automation

✓ More Time & Resources Towards Building The Business

✓ Expertise as Needed, Without Adding Staff

Peace of Mind

✓ Dedicated Team & Tech Expertise 

✓ Clean, Accurate & Timely Set Of Books

✓ Audit-Ready and Tax-Ready, Year Round!

✓ Reduce Fraud With Internal Controls

✓ Expertise-As-Needed Without Adding Staff

Financial Intelligence

✓ Custom Reporting Packages Deliver Financial Foundation For Success

✓ Financial Scorecards Designed for Your Business to Help You Drive Profits

✓ Operational Efficiency That Speed Up Your Reports